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The Levi Adventure Park provides action-packed thrills with long zipline flights and high-ropes courses also during the winter season.

The Gondola Restaurant serves hot chocolate, snacks or refreshments for the adventurers between the courses and challenges. The Adventure Park welcomes also your friends and supporters who wish to join only as spectators.

During the winter season 2018-2019, the ziplines will open on December 26th and the ropes courses on February 9th, 2019.


Activity Park Rental
Tel. +358 20 7960 208 


The Zipline Marathon consists of 10 zipline flights, the longest one over 100 metres long. Between the ziplines, there are ropes courses. The first zipline begins from the height of 12 metres, followed by several other ziplines and rope elements. On the way, you will also find Santa's Cabin - elevated above the park at the height of 10 metres.

  • Ziplines are open 26.12.2018 - 6.1.2019 and 9.2 - 5.5.2019
  • Zipline takeoff heights vary from 7 to 12 metres
  • Total length of the marathon is 888 metres
  • Required minimum height is 150 cm and weight 45 kilos

The adventure begins at the Activity Park rental office, on the western side of the Levi fell (address Gondolitie 1). All of the ropes courses are suitable for all adults and children with regular or fair physical condition. Members of the staff will instruct every adventurer on safety issues and help you with your safety gear which includes helmets and harnesses. We recommend that you wear shoes that support you ankles.

The Adventure Park welcomes also your friends and supporters who wish to join only as spectators. Adventure Park is a non-smoking, alcohol-free area. Levi Adventure Park is managed by Faszinatour.



The adventure centre is located next to a fell pond offering several courses from easy ones to challenging ones. The high-ropes courses offer fun activity without the need for previous experience of climbing.

  • Courses are open 9.2 - 5.5 and June-October 2019
  • Minimum height for adventures is 120 cm
  • The higher adventure courses always require passing the training course and usage of the safety equipments provided by the instructors
  • You may choose your adventure level according to your courage. The most challenging courses take you up to 8 metres but you may stay also on the lower level
  • During the courses you get to taste few fun ziplines. The higher one is up to 8 metres high.
  • Under 120 cm have their own course at ground level where no harness required
  • During summer/ autumn season a free easy course is offered for smaller children under supervision of parents. 10 elements with max. height of metre and no harness required


Do you have courage enough to step over emptiness? You will climb up to a tower of 12 metres dressed up with harness to take your crucial step. Will you do it with eyes closed or open?

  • Base jump is open during June-October 2019
  • Before the adventure you are get instructions from staff about the safety system
  • To get to the jump tower, you need to pass few adventure courses
  • The first metres feel like stepping over emptiness and exhaust your breathing. But no worries, the safety control slows your speed and you will come down safely to the ground.



  • Adress Gondolitie 1, 99130 Levi
  • 26.12.2018 - 6.1.2019 Santa´s zipline daily nonstop 3pm-8pm
  • 9.2 - 5.5.2019 adventure tracks and Santa´s zipline daily nonstop noon-6pm
  • 6.-31.5.2019 by request for groups
  • 1.6 - 20.10.2019 daily nonstop 10am-6pm
  • Notice weather conditions for opening hours!


  • Adventure tracks (120-140cm) 20,00 € / person
  • Adventure tracks (>140cm) 30,00 € / person
  • Gloves 3,50 € / person
  • Santa's Zipline Marathon (>150cm & 45kg) 25,00 € / person
  • Package: adventure tracks & Santa's Zipline (+ Base Jump during summer/autumn season) 45,00 € / person

Ticket sales is closed an hour before closing time.

Prices include VAT 10% (gloves VAT 24 %).

Rights for changes reserved.


To ensure safe and fun adventure, follow the rules and instructions given by the instructors and shown on info signs of adventure park. Adventure happens always on permission and under supervision of the instructors.

Dress according to the weather and wear shoes that support your ankle.

It is possible that during the activity your clothes get dirty, you have bruises or other kind of injuries in such sport as climbing. Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd has a liability insurance for operating the adventure park but you need to take care of your own sufficient insurance.

Let the instructors know if you have any kind of health condition that might affect to your participation. Persons with heart condition, trouble breathing, epileptics or recently operated cannot participate. Unfortunately a pregnant person cannot participate.

You must always be belayed in the adventure park!You may start your adventure after your equipment has been checked by instructors and you have understood all instructions and risks involved in the activity. After the safety lesson, you are responsible of following the given rules and instructions.  

Respect other participants! There can be only one person at the time on one obstacle. On a platform can be max three persons so wait for your turn. Ask promise if you need to go pass anyone.

Know your limits and do not take too big challenges or risks. Ask for help when ever needed. Our instructors wear yellow helmets.

Never take off the harness by yourself. Rented equipment is personal and to be used only by the person given to. It is allowed to use only equipment of Levi adventure park. You are responsible for the equipment that is given to you.

Instructors have the right to close tracks or discontinue the activity. Let the instructors know immediately if you notice any faults in the adventure park.

Youth under 18 years of old need to have written permission from their parents to participate. Children under 15 years old need to have a responsible adult present during the activity.

Photos might be taken for advertising purposes. Please let us know if you don’t want to be shown on these photos.

To adventure under influence of alcohol is not allowed. Smoking is not allowed in the Activity Park.

You can ask for more information from the instructors regarding the guidelines and rules.

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