Due to the current corona restrictions in Lapland, we require a COVID-19 passport in all our indoor facilities starting on 18th December 2021 and using a face mask. Corona info

Page updated 31.12.2021

Levi Ski Resort is committed to the well-being of its employees and customers and we hope that our customers follow the guidelines and recommendations. In this way, we can guarantee everyone a safe and pleasant customer experience on the slopes of Levi.

Covid-19 certificate

Due to the current corona restrictions in Lapland, we require a COVID-19 passport in all ski resort's indoor facilities starting on 18th December 2021 over 16 years old customers. COVID-19 Certificate includes three certificates: a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, a certificate of a negative test result or a certificate of having recovered from COVID-19. Finland uses the EU COVID-19 Certificate as a COVID-19 passport, and it can be obtained from My Kanta. As of 23 December, COVID-19 certificates issued outside the EU will be accepted as COVID-19 passports in Finland.

Finnish Ski Area Association guidance for the public on use of Ski resorts

  • We require all customers over the age of 12 to use a face mask in all indoor facilities. slope restaurants, ski busses, gondola lifts, and in a bubble chairlifts.
  • Only come to the ski resort healthy.
  • Wash hands regularly and encourage respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.
  • Use disposable tissues and facemasks and discard after use.
  • Purchase your tickets online and use contactless payment method whenever possible.
  • Follow social distancing rules. If you are unable to keep adequate distance, wear a face covering.
  • If not traveling in ski lift with a member of your household, follow social distancing rules or use a mask.
  • Wear a mask when you are indoors.
  • Keep the ’Koronavilkku’ app on and follow its instructions.
  • Be responsible, follow the ski rules of conduct, and any instructions given by the staff.

Levi Ski Resort and the Finnish Ski Resort Association actively monitor the situation and act according to the instructions of the authorities. All recommendations given by The Finnish Ski Area Association (FSAA) regarding coronavirus you can find here.

Travelling to Levi

You can find the Levi Region's general Corona guidelines at levi.fi/en/corona-info

More information about coronavirus can be found on the THL website: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates


Before travelling, always check the current entry regulations in your travel destination from the authorities of the country of destination, for example from the nearest mission of the country in question. Please also follow the quarantine instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Travelling to and from Finland: Instructions and contact information for those arriving to Finland from abroad by Finnish Government. Please read also the guidelines for border traffic control regularly updated directly at the Finnish Border control page. It is recommended you log into the Finentry Web service before you travel. Latest updates in English about the corona virus in Finland can be found here and about the corona virus in Lapland are found here.

Detailed information about our services

Customer service
Our customer service representatives are using a protective mask indoors. Part of our customer service points have plexiglasses between the customer and the staff.

Ski pass sales
We recommend purchasing ski passes in advance online. You may also buy lift tickets from the ticket machines that are placed outside. Take-a-number dispenser for the lift ticket and customer service point at Zero Point and South Point building, enabling waiting for your turn also outside.

Ski buses
We require using a mask inside ski buses.

Ski lifts
If not traveling in ski lift with a member of your household, follow social distancing rules or use a mask.

Cleaning and surfaces 
We have increased cleaning, especially surface cleaning and disinfection. All frequently touched surfaces eg. the payment terminals will be cleaned more intensively. Ski busses are disinfected also during the day. 

Rental equipment
Rental helmets, bicycle steering bars, poles and boots are cleaned with disinfectant after each use. If you are coming to visit in our rental, we recommend you to register your personal info beforehand online. Part of the rental gear you may also pay in advance online. If you are unable to use our rentals due to covid passport, please contact us in advance and we will try to find a solution.

Ski school
In ski school teaching we try to avoid close contacts, and utilize different kind of teaching aids. Using a safety mask is recommended if safety distance can not be held. Please take a safety mask with you for the lesson. Ski school lessons meeting points are located outdoors. We recommend buying group lessons in advance online.

Childcare services
At Kids' Land and Leevilandia childcare, we emphasize active outdoor activities and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the premises. Our employees also wear face masks indoors when they are with children and in outdoor activities in close contact. We recommend buying childcare in advance online.

Hand sanitizers and hand towels 
We have increased the availability of hand sanitizers and hand towels and added handwashing instructions to all restrooms. 

Instructions and recommendations
We have added instructions, recommendations, and announcements to our facilities on how we hope our customers will operate on our premises. Automatic corona announcements for lower stations of lifts and indoors in Finnish and English.

Slope restaurants
Our slope restaurants use Koronastoppi service, where you can register when entering a restaurant. The restrooms of the restaurants are open according to the restaurant's opening hours. 28.12.2021 serving of alcoholic beverages will end at 17.

In the slopes of Levi, it is possible to use the following restrooms without a covid passport.

  • Gondola Restaurant's downstairs (next to the ski bus station)
  • At the lower station of the West chair lift
  • At the upper station of the Gondola2000 lift
  • At the top station of the 10-elevator
  • Leevinpesä on the South Slopes
  • Draivi (at the end of the building, entrance from the direction of the bus stop)

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